Terms of purchase

AB Lindec® general sales and delivery conditions




Images, color maps and descriptions in the catalog may differ slightly in shape and color compared to the products we deliver. AB Lindec® reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


Product sheet / sales sheets and installation instructions

AB Lindec® want to leave the correct information such as; technical description, the right user manuals and orientation description of its products, but when AB Lindec® do not have control over how the product is mixed, applied, or runned, nor under what circumstances, AB Lindec® can never be held accountable. AB Lindec® is solely responsible for the quality of the product at the time of delivery.


Additional when ordering minor amounts of colored Herkulit Top

When ordering smaller quantities of colored Herkulit® Top required manual cleaning of the whole mixing system. Therefore, there is an extra charge as follows for smaller batches. This fee is added to the price list. The delivery time is estimated to be at least 14 days from order.


Minimum amount 2100 kg

Additional fee for 2100 kg - 3150 kg: € 0,20 / kg

Additional fee for 3151 kg - 5240 kg: € 0,15 / kg

Additional fee for 5251 kg - 9999 kg: € 0,10 / kg


Deliveries in big bags

Delivery in big bags is not a standard product but produced after ordering. Minimum 2 week delivery from receipt of order.


Terms and Conditions

Free our factory / our warehouse in Gothenburg alternatively our factory in Denmark, unless otherwise agreed. All liquid materials come from Sweden and hard concrete products come from Denmark.


Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be received by AB Lindec® in advance or lateast than the stated on the invoice due date. For payment after the due date will be charged interest at 20% and the statutory fee for written reminders. Should debt collection be necessary, AB Lindec® will also charge these costs.


Retention of title

Ownership of the delivered / sold goods reserved AB Lindec® until full payment has been made.



In case of return of goods, required only a written agreement with AB Lindec®. Attach a copy of the bill of lading or a copy of AB Lindec® invoice together with an explanation of why the goods whish to be returned. If the case of goods ordered by mistake AB Lindec® make a return deductions. Special ordered goods and colored Herkulit® Top will not be accepted.




Complaints can never exceed the amount invoiced. Visible damage to the goods may be assumed to have occurred during transport must be reported to the carrier. In cases where AB Lindec® has arranged transport, the extent of the damage attributed to the consignment note and the driver must sign. Otherwise, the wrong complained of within eight days of receipt. If the buyer fails to notify within the specified time, the buyer loses the right to make a claim because of this. Complaints must be made in writing and contain information on the nature and extent of the respective scarcity size if so. In all other cases, we refer to the limited warranty and liability.






PLEASE NOTE! that AB Lindec® can only confirm delivery of goods and that freight is booked! However, we can not guarantee that delivery takes place at the scheduled delivery date / time, then this is completely beyond our control, especially in case of late ordering of goods, AB Lindec® can never be held responsible for late deliveries.


Limited warrenty and liability machinery.

Lindec® Sweden AB (AB Lindec®) guarantees its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship during the following periods:


A. New machines and parts .......................... one year

B. New gearboxes ........................................one year


AB Lindec® are eager to quickly and efficiently remedy any problems, and keep costs low for both parties, hence assumes a rapid and smooth cooperation for the best solution.


On machines with internal combustion engine provided one year warranty (1 year) assuming full service history can be presented and well filled WARRANTIES starting date when the machine was delivered from AB Lindec® stock.


1. AB Lindec® obligation and liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of shares if, after inspection by AB Lindec®, determined to be defective in material or workmanship. AB Lindec® reserves the choice to repair or replace.


2. If AB Lindec® choose to replace the part, there will be no cost to the customer and will be made available to the AB Lindec® distributor, dealer or rentalcenter from which the end user purchased / rented the product.


3. Replacement or repair parts installed in the product is only guaranteed for the remainder of the warranty period for the product as if they were the original parts.


4. AB Lindec® leave no warranty on engines. Engine warranty claims should be made directly to an authorized factory service center for the engine manufacturer.


5. AB Lindec® warranty does not cover normal maintenance of the product and its components (such as the adjustment of the engine oil and filter changes). The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of objects (eg, belts and consumables).


6. AB Lindecs® guarantee becomes invalid if it is determined that the error was due to operator misuse, failure to perform normal maintenance on the product, change in the product, modifications or repairs made to the product without the written consent of AB Lindec®. AB Lindec® expressly disclaims warranty damage caused by damage to the rotors.


7. Impact damage is not covered by AB Lindecs® warranty.


8. AB Lindec® in some special cases, can bear the cost of the workforce required by the warranty obligation. An AB Lindec® work schedule determines the time allowed to complete a repair and will control the hours will be allowed, which shall be agreed in writing in advance between the AB Lindec® company and the counterparty. Any granted working hours, is replaced with cost prices which correspond to a maximum of 30 € per hour (based on market wages 2016). Any journey with service car, can be paid with a maximum of 2,50 Euro per km.


9. AB Lindec® pay the freight on the parts warranty covers the cost of global land freight prices. No spare parts under warranty will be shipped via air freight at the expense of AB Lindec®. AB Lindec® only pay outgoing freight charges when parts are sent to the customer via ground transportation. AB Lindec® are not paying for any incoming goods. If AB Lindec® determines that this is a part that is covered by the warranty, AB Lindec® reimburse you for the incoming goods for prices to AB Lindec® own shipping costs.


10. AB LINDEC® WARRANTY DOES NOT FOLLOWS: TAXES, SUPPLIES, environmental fees, air freight, travel time, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of rental income, RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT USED TO REPLACE THE PRODUCT REPAIR, LOSS OF USE OF THE PRODUCT, COMMERCIAL LOSS AND OTHER COMMITMENTS FOR DIRECT , incidental or consequential damage or delay.


11. AB Lindec® provides no other warranties, either directly or indirectly. This limited warranty replaces the warranty of merchantability and fitness. There are no other guarantees which replaces the description in this document.


12. No AB Lindec® employee or representative is authorized to change this warranty in any way or grant any other warranty unless such change is made in writing and signed by an authorized signatory of AB Lindec®.


13. In order to assess whether this is a warranty case, the accompanying "WARRANTY CLAIM" should be carefully completed and sent to AB Lindec® in advance.















































revised 01-10-2016

Warrenty claim


We refer to our LIMITED WARRANTY & LIABILITY MACHINERY of AB Lindec® and Allen Engineering concrete equipment sold by AB Lindec® in Sweden.


Please note that AB Lindec® must confirm if the guarantee is granted or not, before any settlement is made or parts sent.


Please always state the article from our users & spare parts manual and place them in the qquestionary below. If parts are not available in some parts catalog, please note it and always use this form.


In order to manage any warranty claims or the requested parts, we need complete information below on Swedish, sent to [email protected].

Without this information, we have no ability to handle the request or guarantee.


Machine Model: __________________  Machine serial number:________________


Year: __________________________  Engine hours:_________________________


Gearbox right: ____________________Gearbox left: ________________________


AB Lindec® invoice no: __________________Invoice Date:____________________



We need complete answers to the following questions;


1.       Full details of the machine failure:








2. What is the reason that the machine broke down, in your opinion ?:









3. Can the machine still be used, even if the failure is a fact?










4. Were is the machine now?

5. Please attach pictures with a good quality that clearly shows the broken parts and machine, to be sent to [email protected] along with this form, please! Please also indicate how many images you have attached:









5. For the warranty, the broken parts always needs to be sent back to AB Lindec® if AB Lindec® require the to see the broken parts. Below you can be specified when the parts will be left/sent to us for evaluation if agreed:











We will do everything in our power to help you quickly and efficiently, but if the required information is not given to us, we can not help you. So please fill out the form as accurately as possible. Thanks in advance!




AB Lindec® internal identification number:________________________





Yoiurs sincerely


AB Lindec®




Service & Engineering department