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AB Lindec® is a privately owned company with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, which specializes in the manufacture of materials and machines for the manufacture of high quality concrete floors.

We also sell facade renovation materials such as tape, plastic wrap, tools, scaffolding and more.

AB Lindec® was founded in 1970 and manufactures concrete floor materials with high decay requirements suitable for industries, logistics centers, warehouses, parking spaces, shops, and more. The production of hard concrete products and other high -performance materials is manufactured and stored in our Danish plant, and all liquid products are manufactured in Sweden.

AB Lindec® produces some own concrete machines and is also the only European distributor for Allen Engineering Concrete Equipment with the European Law in Gothenburg.

Today, our products are marketed in about 30 countries through various channels such as retailers, agents, own offices and directly to some large specialized concrete contractors. At present, our largest market in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia and the former OSS countries (independent states society) are. Today we have our own offices and warehouses in Moscow, Russia as well as in Kyiv and Kharkov in Ukraine. We are constantly striving to establish new markets and are always interested in engaging new partners.

Our vision is to be the complete supplier that provides the concrete flooring specialist with everything needed to produce a flat -quality flat floor.

We started our operations as a concrete flooring contractor and for many years we were Scandinavia's leading companies in this area. During this time we had the opportunity to use and test most materials and machines on the market. Over the time we concentrated to only manufacture, market and sell materials and machines, our selection of products became clear.

Thanks to this background, we trust our experience and welcome you to discuss your future choice of machines and materials to achieve planes and redundant strong concrete floors! It is a real pleasure for us to be able to assist you.



With kind greetings, his and Mikael Voeler with staff